Carol Olympus

Born to the greatest parents on earth, a deep sense of responsibility & social awareness was instilled in us at a very early age. My little brother & I grew up in a loving home with freedom to pursue music, painting, literature, engineering, technology, & psychology, with as much enthusiasm as bike-riding, climbing trees & hills, drinking with the gang & pursuing life-long friendships with great passion. Various stints of various durations in various pursuits ranging from youth groups to NCC to editing magazines to playing in local rock bands to post grad Audio Engineering after a Degree in Electronics has led me to this point in life where I've begun to see the pattern, the larger picture, the "calling." (Didn't I warn you about the philosophical bull$#!tt?)

Tl;dr: I aspire to be a fulcrum for creative people, to be who they are...

Who am I

Web Design & Digital Marketing

Branding strategies, web design, development, digital marketing, SEO/SEM and strategic support to small businesses navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape. ROI based efforts with measurable results and business expansion πŸ‘Ύ

2-Wheel Tourer

Love the open road. Paved, unpaved, rain, sunshine, through it all... It's my favourite type of meditation - on two wheels, wind rushing in my ears, eating up the miles. Experiences that simply cannot be captured in full, through any medium - photos or videos simply don't do justice... It's the one thing I always find myself falling back on - motorcycling ✌

Part-Time Musician

I can pretend to play a couple of instruments passably for people to imagine I can actually play... Either that or those people have been too kind πŸ˜‰ In any case, one of my life's overarching goals has been to enable independent artists. And I will soon be launching a platform to do just that - empower independent artists. "Gigniter" is coming soon

Full Time Dad

Quitting the rat-race back in 2011 and deciding to spend time with my little family has been a call I'll never regret taking. It has brought me immense joy and helped connect meaningfully with the people that matter to me the most πŸ€—

Event Specialist

To imagine a gig, & then to bring it to life, digging into the details, from concept, to design, equipment, crew, marketing, sales, execution & derig, and everything in-between, to have tens of thousands of people experience a live gig, to be in awe, to jump for joy & clap & cheer & whistle & hoot with glee, and to be the unseen, unknown fulcrum for it all, is so satisfying πŸ™Œ

Audio Engineer

One of my life's passions, something I pursued professionally for a long time... The joy of mixing live audio for a great bunch of musicians of all kinds, is something I've been privileged to have tasted. I still can't believe I used to get paid (handsomely) for living my dream πŸ™‚

Other Creative Pursuits

There's not much I've shied away from trying. Bharatanatyam - 4 years all the way upto Arangetram at Kalaikauveri, Tiruchirapalli, at the heart of the Carnatic arts. Dabbled in some self taught sketching & painting, amateur photography, worked as an assistant editor to a magazine in print, a voracious reader, I enjoy almost everything I end up doing, even snow-shoveling & astrophotography of late 🎨

Things I've Failed At

Attempted unsuccessfully to get into the Indian Air Force. Passed Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT), a once in a lifetime test they use to decide if I'm capable of flying fighters. Despite passing PABT, I failed to make it into the venerable IAF. A dejected young me learnt to cope with disappointment & focus my energies on creative pursuits going forward. I still hold out the hope to fly aircrafts someday, maybe pursue a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) at some point ✈️