Male Mother

So I’m back to baby-sitting full time (mostly) as I’m ‘self-unemployed’ (as I like to call myself when I want to sound cool I.M.B.O – in my bloated opinion). Then it struck me! The one word that is way cooler than everything else to describe what I can do, other than breast-feed, is “Mom.” I know it’s been clichéd to death, ever since Mr. Bachchan Senior responded in the nonchalantly timeless monosyllable, “Ma,” when his brother tells him he owns a car, a house, gold from King Tut’s tomb, a dog, a unicorn and other such worldly possessions that one might covet and inquires into Mr. Bachchan Senior’s possessions with, “Tere paas kya hai?” (Translated to “What do you have?”) Or maybe I got it the other way around in terms of characters. Anyway, it has something to do with the utterance, “Ma.” mere_paas_maa_

The first word our first born, Mia, uttered that we adults could actually understand was, “dada” although, I still remember the twinkle in her big, soft, brown eyes and knew instantly that “dada” could only mean “mama.” Back then, you see, I thought that me being “gainfully employed” was important.

Our second contribution to the evolution of humankind of the Olympus-Satur variety, Kyle, has brought us right back to the ‘Big Bang Singularity’ where we became ‘parents.’ He’s about three months old so, he’s just out of the sleep-feed-poop cycle and has added one more activity to his daily routine – he smiles now. The smells of baby-puke, stale milk & saliva on your clothes, poop on your arms all disappear in that instant and your heart beats exactly like when you walk up to your favourite motorcycle back home years later and the motor sputters to life at the first kick. Ok that was too much daddy talk. Let’s just say it’s a good feeling.

So here I am, switching places with my wife, who’s playing regular ‘bread-winner’ while I look after the offspring. I’m the ‘butter & jam winner’ sometimes but more often, playing “mama” to the apples of my eyes. And this is just what the faithful probably call “a blessing.”


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