Trendsetters leave me alone

I wake up every morning with the most natural thing on my face – a stubble. Well, that’s every morning to be honest, and I must admit, the facial follicles are, measured in centimetres, a bit longer than ‘stubble’ suggests. Nothing symbolises my pure laziness more than my Stubble with a capital S. It just grows. On it’s own. Without manure & photosynthesis.

And then you hear it’s a trend! What the tuck! Bloody hipsters! Leave my avocado-on-toast alone!!! If ‘trying to look different’ is your thing and then you flock with everyone who looks ‘different’ in the same way, with similar ‘different’ clothes and same ‘different’ beards and ‘man buns’ where does that leave you?  The thing is, I don’t even care where that does leave me, as long as I’m not hipsterized. Or anti-hipsterized.

So here’s to all ‘trendsetters’ and ‘trend followers’ and ‘anti-trend-followers’ and peeps who are otherwise in possession of various levels of functional human brains: I like the ‘gray’ zone I’ve always been in. Neither pro nor anti anything. Well, except coffee. I’m pro coffee. And d-bags. I’m anti d-bags. Other than that, I’m good. Thank you!

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