Stop with the mic-drop already


As a one-time-part-time sound engineer, here’s my appeal to all the heads of state and celebrities who think a ‘mic-drop’ proves you’re cool. Well, like all things ‘cool,’ it used to be cool until everyone started doing it. It’s not cool anymore. What’s more, it actually damages the sensitive diaphragms in the mic heads. The transducer’s job is to be sensitive enough to vibrations in the air, converting sound waves to voltage. Imagine what your ears are meant to do. Now imagine someone smashes your head onto the kitchen counter WWE style. That’s what’s happening inside the microphone when it contacts the ground accelerated by gravity. Even dynamic mics, which are slightly more robust compared to condensers.

Now I know dynamic mics can be cheap and your celebritorious arse can probably afford to buy a new one, but that’s not the point. It’s just that, after more than a decade’s worth of working in production houses, setting up and de-rigging professional audio equipment, lovingly looking after maintenance, cleaning and polishing said gear, I can’t help but cringe every time I see a perfectly good piece of equipment dropped deliberately to the ground. Memories of screaming at newbies come flooding to my mind.

So, once again, stop with the mic drop. It’s not cool anymore. I’m talking to you Justin Trudeau. And Jimmy Fallon. I actually like you guys otherwise. President Obama can still do it though. He’s cool… Peace out!

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