The Lords of the Strings

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such authentic, passionate musicians exuding such exuberant, unjarable jam. You can tell by how I’m fumbling to find the right words. Virtuosity and technical skills aside, what we saw on stage was pure, unadulterated fun. Every musician on stage was obviously thoroughly enjoying himself and all that energy radiated right across the room in a cascade of pinch harmonics, Vai/Satch style whammys, two-handed tapping and some good ol’ bluesy string bends. The aptly monikered “Music Room” was just that – a room barely managing to contain the explosion of music.   Alaa, Ashish, Fadi, Vivian, Tarek & Vijay were trading licks at light-speed, reminiscent of the original G3 (G6 if you will).

The whole affair restored my faith, not just in local talent, but generally gave hope to rock itself. Rock is not dead. And with guitarists like these, backed ably by Bhargav (Drums), Johann (Bass), Dave on the mix, the scene is well and truly alive. And then there is Vinesh Nair. Being frontman and belting out vocals is one thing. To pull off something like this, with all the backend planning that goes into concocting this, that too at this time, in this city is a feat in itself. Months of scheduling, organising rehearsals, getting everyone together to share stage on the same date, promoting the event, getting sponsors & backline in place and generally being the fulcrum only shows his unwavering faith and truly deserves a collective pat on the back \m/

The Lords of the Strings showered their vibes upon everyone that night, beaming with well deserved pride… Can’t wait for the next one.

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